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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Today's Writing Prompt: Career

Tomorrow morning you'll wake up with all the education, experience, and opportunity you need to start a new career. It can't be the same thing you're doing now, and you'll only be in the new job for a week. What will your new career be?


C. Beth said...

Tomorrow I'll take a deep breath and step out onto a stage to start my new career as a professional public speaker. Public speaking is one of my hobbies.

(Whew, ran out of time on that one...harder than I thought it would be.)

beckiwithani said...

This may be cheating, but you didn't say it couldn't be in the same field . . . Disclaimer finished. Anyway, I'd love a week to try and be a school administrator. I think that's the field I want to move into, but have only done administrative duties in addition to teaching - never full-time. How cool would it be to be able to try a new career for a week?

Kara said...

I'd be starting my new career as a pastry chef! I wish I had the skills to take my baking to the ultimate level. I would hate the crazy hours and being surrounded by all the fattening temptation, so just one week would be perfect.

C. Beth said...

Becki--That would be great, to be able to "try out" a job like that, one that you're really interested in. I think you're going to make an amazing administrator, though, so hopefully the trial run isn't necessary.

Oh, and I'm changing my answer. I'm totally signing up to be Kara's pastry taster.

addhumorandfaith said...

I would love to be a stager of homes that are for sale. I love the shows on H&G Network that do that. I should have been a realtor because I LOVE looking at homes. They are each so unique.

Paige--Tia's cousin....and a new lurker. said...

i would own an old bookstore with wood floors, an old staircase, cats climbing around and big comfy chairs...also there would be wine, coffee and tea..and yummies.....Wanna come hang out???

C. Beth said...

Sandra--I'm actually in real estate--well, used to be, just not active these days.

Paige--Welcome, and thanks for visiting! I hope you'll come back. I will definitely visit your bookstore; that sounds IDEAL!!! Well, except the cats. I'm allergic. Get that hairless kind, okay? :)

Our Scoop said...

Ok, totally cheating because I read the answers of other people but I am voting for either a professional baker making really extraordinary delicacies or a bookstore owner! I love both of those ideas - especially the bookstore since I am a read-a-holic! But I am such a copy-cat!

Sofia said...

Humm I love this one!:D

I would be a really good interior design, working for projects like hotels, private homes, public spaces and would certainly participate in special projects like remodeling institutional childcare spaces for free (I would be a really good professional so I would be able to offer my services for free for the needy ones).

In this week I would be choosing the color palette of the hotel bedrooms, the fabrics and furniture. And of course I would have to present my sugestion to the responsable of the hotel to ask for his approval.

Hard work!:P


jlw2 said...

Although my background is in history and humanities, I have always loved the natural sciences. The career of my choice for a week would be in marine biology.