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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Today's Writing Prompt: Children's Book

You are a children's book writer. Write the first few lines of your new book.

(Thanks to Becki for suggesting this topic!)


C. Beth said...

There was once a bear named Flame. He was orange. The other bears around him were all brown. Flame sometimes felt sad that he was so different than the other bears. Then one day there was a smell of smoke in the forest....

C. Beth said...

Now that the minute is over...

I admit freely, I've cheated a bit on this one. Every day at naptime and bedtime I tell my toddler stories about an orange bear named Flame. I was trying to remember one of the first ones I told her, and the best recollection I have is that Flame was able to warn other bears of a forest fire because his orange fur made him so visible from far away, so he learned it isn't always bad to be different.

Cathy said...

I was there when you started with Flame. I remember the first - or close to it - was using Flame to show her the reasons why after Zoodle was born you wouldn't be able to lay down with her until she fell asleep. But I didn't know why you called him "Flame". Interesting...

beckiwithani said...

Molly looked up from her stroller, staring at the morning sky. Mama's eyes followed Molly's gaze. "That's the moon!" said Mama.

Then, they passed a tall tree. "Where da moon?" asked Molly.

*From the as-yet-unwritten book Peekaboo Moon, by Becki.

beckiwithani said...

And now that my minute is over too... This is a book I really do want to write and illustrate. It came out of a game Molly invented. We now play peekaboo with the moon every morning that it's visible as we are walking to the train station and her child care.

d said...

Little children should never play in dark places; under beds, under stairs, under coats in dusty closets. But if they insist, they must remember to always carry string, a candle and a copper coin (shiny or not it doesn't really matter)!

C. Beth said...

Mom--Actually "Flame" came from his color, not the fire. I'm not even sure it was a fire in the story...but I remember in an early story he somehow was able to help the other bears due to him being different. Since I usually come up with the stories "on the fly" I don't remember them too well!

Becki--Peekaboo Moon--very cute title, and a cute storyline too.

D--Ooh, I like this one--for kids a few years older, I presume?

Reiko! said...

Sasha kept looking out the window at her little brother as he played basketball with the neighborhood homeless man. She was so frightened to go outside while Frankie the man with no home was in her yard. She never understood why her 13 year brother played basketball with the homeless everyday after school....

Mike Fan said...

I would write children's sonnets, such as this one! :)

A Chicken and a Dog went out to see the Frog.
Said Chicken to the Dog, “Where is that Frog to-day?”
Said Dog to Chicken fair, “Perhaps he’s gone to play!”
The Chicken and the Dog searched at the barren bog,
but Chicken and the Dog found not their friend the Frog.
They searched the lily pads, the willows solemn grey,
they searched the river green, they searched the livelong day –
but Chicken and the Dog found not their friend the Frog.

Then meeting them at night, that Frog appeared at last
and brought with him a ship that moved so very fast!

They rode off to the moon, to see what they could find.
They had a lot of fun, and more as time had passed,
for friends may be quite late and may be always last,
but never think a friend shall purge you from their mind.