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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Today's Writing Prompt: Friend

What makes you a good friend?


J. Lee said...

To be a good friend calls for full responsibility to stand by for your friend through thick and thin. A good listening ear and strong shoulder to cry on. I guess these are qualities why my friends say I am a good one to them.

Mission Kid said...
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Mission Kid said...

I think that part of being a good friend is being able to understand each other so being of the same faith helps. I believe also, that to be a good friend you have to be willing to understand each other, willing to listen and help. My friends are just that, good christians who are willing to help each other with things but aren't afraid to ask for help. I can only hope that I am that to them.

Roderckdhu said...

Faith. A deep seated belief, ingrained since childhood, reinforced all through adulthood, that friendship simply matters. I have faith in my friends. They have faith in me. That is what binds us, as tightly as any bond, on this journey through life.

TheChicGeek said...

I am very loyal and a good listener :D I try to be to others what I would want them to be to me :D

Kimi said...

I am not a great friend friend. I am a mediocre friend. I am a brilliant, loving, and giving mother and wife. But "friend" in my life is miles behind "mother" and "wife".

Andre Rodriguez said...

To me a friend is someone you can rely on no matter the situation. Friendships take work, but a true friend realizes that even if you haven't spoken in a while your friendship is as strong as ever. Makes the time together more special.

Dani said...

A shoulder to cry on
And tears to mix with yours
A smile to brighten
And a laugh to share
A hand to hold on to
And arms to embrace you
All with no strings attached

corax said...

I bring a couple of things to the friendship table: steadfastness, no matter what; a loud raucous laugh, to share the good times; and Haagen-Dazs ice cream for the other times.

A Girl Named Me said...

I know what to say . . . and when to say nothing.


Elise said...

I am a great friend to have. I am fun and honest and loyal. People say that I am not judgmental, and that is why they like me for a friend, but I do think I am judge-y in my head......I guess the fact that I don't say it out loud makes me a good friend.

actonbell said...

What makes me a good friend? I'm afraid that I need to work on this: I'm actually bad at keeping in touch. When I'm actually with a person, I'm good at keeping my mouth shut and listening, this is true, but--I need to stay in touch! And I'm not always as honest as I mean to be.

JenM said...

He talks, I listen. He doesn't talk, I listen.

2cats said...

What makes me a good friend is that you can tell me anything. ANYTHING!!
I won't tell another living soul, I might tell a few dead ones but no living ones.
No matter what. Not even under the threat of death would your secret come out of my lips.
I will laugh, real loud with you.
I will sing, very badly with you.
I will cry with you.
I will love you.

Videhi Visali said...

Friends are the God sent Angels on this planet, who are gifted with a power to listen to our hearts without any stethoscope!

Anonymous said...

I don't think I'm that great of a friend. I've hurt so many people so many tims, yet they still come to me for advice. i love them all, but it's still hard for me to understand why they stay. I am nothing but some emotional, dramatic teenager who vents a lot and complains about her life. Some times. I just give.

Em said...

I have this pair of running shoes. They're by the folks at WTTRTI. This tennis shoe company was founded by people who noticed a niche in a pretty saturated market. But what a niche. They're working on selling more and more. But there's a catch to one's eligibility.

You see, they are shoes that are donned when a friend's in deep need. Yup, they are When-There's-Trouble-Run-Toward-It shoes.

anwarulaz said...

A true friend shares with you ,both your good and bad times.She defends you,shows respect,support and encouragement in whatever you choose to do.A true friend lends her ears,when you need to pour your heart out,her shoulder; when you need to cry!!

Just Me said...

Years ago a friend told me that sometimes she didn't want opinions or advice, or for me to "fix" it for her, she just wanted me to listen. I took that to heart and although its hard for me, I sometimes ask her "Is this a "Just Listen" kind of call?" We laugh about it, but it really helps me make sure I can offer the time sometimes without any obligation other than to just listen.

I have found that we are all like that when we call on a friend. We don't want them to critque, suggest, or do, we just want their time. I try now to just offer my time.

cagrowngirl said...

A good friend is hard to find but once found they are keepers. My friends may not talk as much as we use to but we can pick up the phone and the time evaporates. Truly caring about each other and listening make a good friend.

Jeff D'Antonio said...

Being a good friend is all about just being there. Just listening. Just understanding. Just realizing that sometimes all you can do is be there.

I wrote this a few years ago about my best friend. Thought I'd share it here:

I Was There