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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Today's Writing Prompt: Friend

Write about a conflict you had with a friend, and how it was (or wasn't) resolved.

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Divenita said...

I was in class 12 when a friend and i had fought about a silly issue. she felt i ignored her and i was adamant saying i did not.
We did speak for days.
finally, i made a card for her and she was extremely happy with my gesture. I said maybe i was looking at you but thinking something else.

Barbie and Ken said...

Since I do not have to live with my friends, conflicts are never a problem.

Carrie said...

"I wish that I had Jessie's(boy) girl" theme is exactly the kind of occurrence between myself and girlfriend of mine.

Mentioning to her that I had a new boyfriend was a recipe to include herself in our activities:

Practically camping out on my couch(even when he & I were in my room after going out), and insisting that she had "history" with him for a muddled occasion meeting him at a mysterious party he didn't remember.

For me, this put another trust barrier between me and having healthy friendships with other women.

Unfortunately, the guy was even more clueless than a wet mop- even after telling him point blank that my friend was very interested in him and that I wasn't going to stay around and watch, or clean up the mess.

They ended up together in a volatile relationship for a few years and boy, was I glad to get rid of them both!

Years flew by- recieved an email from her as if nothing happend. Two years ago the same guy got back in touch with me and explained how the entire thing was unfair to me and he was stupid not to speak up and keep me. I'm not a man competitive woman- I figure if any man is that confused, I'll dump him.

I dated that same guy again; he was so jealous of me- walked out on him again. I'm not regetting seeing him again-he's a genuine guy-he just needs more direction. History does repeat itself, but sometimes you just have to experience it to realize that I'm worth so much more.

Snellopy said...

My best friend and I had a falling out due to her constantly sniping about my wife. Eventually, words were said by her, and she had a falling out. In the end, I had to choose between my mate and my wife - with the obvious winner being my spouse. That person is dead to me now, which is a real shame, and sometimes tricky as we work at the same place.

Amapola said...

River without water
Friendship without conflict
Limitless sharing
Lifelong memories
Forever friends said...

Unfortunately I lost a friend recently, mainly because she never really listens when I talk or gives me the benefit of the doubt - she listens to a small piece of it, makes assumptions about what I mean and then either gets mad or defensive. It's exhausting.

Once she makes an assumption, she won't listen to any further explanation because she is too busy stewing in her own thoughts.

A true friend listens with their heart, gives you the benefit of the doubt and doesn't need an explanation from you.

Kanchan Agarwal said...

Her name is Karunya and the first one I instinctively thought of reading the word 'friend'. We have been friends since we were 15. We went past our nascent tiffs caused in the group we called ours. We don't spend as much time as we used to but even seven years later, we are still the best knowing we have each other to fall back upon. And I wish for my children to look at how easily we resolve our differences. I love you Karun.