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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Today's Writing Prompt: Jewelry

Write about a piece of jewelry you gave to someone, or that someone gave to you.

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June Calender said...

Several years ago a friend gave me some very plain, smallish silver hoop earrings saying, "Everyone needs plain hoops." I thought she was being unimaginative and hadn't noticed that I usually wore things a little more interesting than those silver hoops. But it's turned out that I reach for those simple hoops a lot of times when I'm not doing anything special but just want to wear something so I feel a tiny bit dressed up. She was right.

Divya said...

Being a woman, i often see eyebrows raise when i comment, "I don't like to wear jewels". I like to be the way i have been created :-) Glass and bead jewelery attract me a lot and love their sight! I am woman after all and one with an eye for art. I have this piece of jewelery gifted by my husband on our anniversary. It's radium coated silver bracelet that i run to when i want little sparkle.

Curly-T said...

For christmas several years ago, my husband bought me a set of pearl earrings - they were bigger than the ones I had wanted for several years, but I loved them anyway. I wore them every day until about a year ago. I took them out, put them in my pants pocket for the next morning, and lost one.
I haven't been able to find it since.
I lament the loss of that pearl earring every single day.

Ladydy5 aka: Diane Yates said...

Opps! put my jewelry comment on wrong spot, one below this one.

Amapola said...

He loved to buy watches
He loved to give me rings
He is gone to the next world
The jewelry is here
When I wear the ring
I feel his presence
I feel his embrace
Still sharing
Still alive in so many ways

Barbara said...

He was a wonderful friend . . . but that's all he was. When I opened the small package and saw a diamond and emerald ring, I didn't know what to say. Or what to do either. It was much too expensive a gift for the quality of our relationship. Clearly, he wanted more from me than I wanted from him. I asked my brother. He said to keep it. It would be worse if I gave it back.

Graciegreen said...

The Avon lady rang my doorbell 30 years ago...I rarely wear make up and am fragrance free so what to buy? There was a child's necklace in the catalog, a girl on a swing. My daughter was 5 years old so I bought it for her. Yesterday my little granddaughter spotted the necklace in my jewelry box, "Gran, please can I wear the pretty necklace..." said...

we gave each other matching wedding rings,
engraved with rose gold mountains, white gold waves and two cranes flying west over the Pacific, homeward bound after years of travel.

Meri M. said...

It was my 26th birthday and he surprised me with a pair of golden earrings. Gold seemed too expensive a gift and I told him I felt too much pressure related to our relationship which hasn't developed yet if I accepted. He insisted and I didn't feel right takign them but I did. They were my favorite for many years, and I still have them now, almost 2 decades later, one of very few tangible things and one of my fading memories to keep me warm on cold lonesome nights.

Divya said...

When do you announce winners? or have you stopped?

Kanchan Agarwal said...

Many years ago, a very pretty girl I was only acquainted with brought me a little statue of Ganesha without me asking for it. As a token of thanks, I brought her a pendant, which I now don't remember the look of. I remember how thrilled and expressive she was with her surprise at the gift. Today, she is one of my best friends. I guess little gestures do pay off.