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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Today's Writing Prompt: Meetup

Is there an online group of friends you'd like to meet in person?

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June Calender said...

I have belonged to an site called Swap-bot for a few years. Within it are interest groups including one for people over 50. There is a chat forum where many women share their interests; I feel they are truly friends from all of the US and the world. Meeting them, especially if it could be a weekend gathering, would be a delightful experience.

Divenita said...

Ah Poetry -- We have this group for poets across the country.
WE started from Orkut and now moved on to Facebook.
Its a place where most of us have found our calling and continue to write and urge others to write! :)

I would love to meet all of them

MoiraG said...

Before the days of forums I used to belong to an email group of Lesbian gardeners from all over the world. Getting busier I unsubscribed but a year later one of them contacted me and came to visit me in the UK from Canada and we looked at my tiny garden. Wonderful!

Tasha Stewart said...

If there is one I would like to meet up with lesbian mothers to find out how thier children deal with it and see what they tell them if they have issues with it. I think that it would help me and my son. said...

This question feels like a parent asking a child to say which is their favorite. I participate in several online communities and there are individuals in each that I would love to meet. So I have to keep it general and say bloggers that I've started to connect with.

Graciegreen said...

Day late...but yes there is a group I would like to meet. The book bloggers! Bibliophile by the Sea..I just want to sit on her porch. Serendipitous...look at her backyard mountain view. book talk. Old Front Porch...(me) make a good cup of tea for y'all!

davidseven said...

If I say I want to meet C Beth, will that help me win?

Lorraina said...

I'm a member of a Facebook group who all have the same disease as me. Most live in the UK; i think i'm the only Canuck. I enjoy their chatter and hearing about their lives very much. I'd love to attend one of their meetups.

Snellopy said...

I visited a fair number of guildmates from World of Warcraft a few years back. Flew to Canada, then went to 15 states in America, meeting a bunch of people I'd gamed with for years. And what surprised my parents the most is I didn't get chopped into pieces and stuffed in a serial killer's freezer. I met a range of people, from Mormons to furries.