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Monday, January 2, 2012

Today's Writing Prompt: Money

Write about something you can't believe people spend money on.

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June Calender said...

It's weird enough that so many carry around bottled water they bought -- hey, folks, you spend taxes to have good water in your town! -- But then to spend money for it to be flavored or have vitamins added, give me a break. It's not that we have money to burn, but apparently we have money to flush down the drain. Plus all those nonbiodegradeable plastic bottles. It's nutz. said...

Using money to buy fake money to burn in ancestor offerings.

Kanchan Agarwal said...

Tickets for a latest Tollywood flick of a Telugu superstar Mahesh babu were actually being sold for Rs 5000/- each which is more than 10 times its actual price. Why do we try so hard to make the rich even richer and even poorer?

Carrie said...

"Designer" women's high heel (Twisting ankle, camel toe, bunions, hunch back, worthy) costing $1200+ - not fit for human feet. Designer's never thought the shoes are to be worn on feet.

look down at your feet!
Do you see them? Draw them on paper and draw a shoe that fits."