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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Today's Writing Prompt: Prison

Write about something you'd be willing to do even if it ended up landing you in prison.

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Meri M. said...

I'd risk prison for my chidren - their life, their health, their well-being. When you have a child in your life, very few people/things seem worth giving up the chance to be with him in the first place.

June Calender said...

If I were driving someone with a medical emergency to a hospital I'd speed as much as seemed possible; a ticket would be okay, I doubt it would end in prison.

Amapola said...

Cold prison nights
Darkness inside four walls
Freedom is paramount
Nothing compares
Sun and life outdoors
Too selfish to lose it!

Heather Head said...

Touch his cheek.
Kiss his brow.
Hold that tiny, beautiful hand.
Soft skin. The smell of baby breath.
I’d make him laugh, funny baby belly laughs…
And oh, those sweet, sweet arms around my neck.

Graciegreen said...

Nada again! Nothing is worth prison...nothing. I took a class of students years ago to a "scared straight" experience. We visited a jail. We entered a door, it was locked. Then a hallway, another locked door. Let into the jail all windows are above eye level...I broke into a cold sweat...knocked down a few kids bolting out of there! said...

I read stories about people sent to prison and not losing hope. Some are even able to find contentment by retreating to a sanctuary in their mind's eye. I've always admired these individuals, but I don't think I'm one of them - I'm sure I'd go insane.

Perhaps I would take that risk if we were living in a world that prohibited freedom of expression anywhere and everywhere. Maybe I would speak out, on purpose or by accident, because if doing that could ever land someone in jail, then it would be pretty bleak times anyway...but then again, maybe I would remain quiet. I'm not sure.

Divenita said...

I'd write! :)

Kanchan Agarwal said...

Even if I were to land in prison, I would always fight injustice. I do feel like a hypocrite when I say that because there is nothing major about my actions against injustice but I do fight it in small everyday things of life.