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Monday, January 20, 2014

FFF Winner: Sean Litwin!

This week's FFF winner for the prompt: The Potion is Sean Litwin. There were several excellent entries but I laughed so hard at this one, I couldn't help myself. It's one of those flash fiction gems: A short little burst of color and hilarity that pops in your brain like a bubble. It's wonderful!

Sean says: "I am a junior in high school who likes to write with humor in my stories, and usually involve a twist near the end." Great work, Sean!

I stared down at the potion in my hands, and I didn't know what to do with it at first. I probably looked like a fool just standing there, on the edge of the village square, looking at a small glass vessel cradled in my hands. I remembered that the wizard had been talking about curing ailments with elixirs of all different sorts, and hoped that this could possibly be some sort of potion that would cure all diseases and illnesses that have plagued our people for a while. I realized that the wizard had probably dropped this potion on purpose, perhaps as a gift of how well our village had welcomed him. I decided that I would pour the potion into the village well, that way everyone would be exposed to its healing charms. I poured it in, and immediately got the notion in my mind that I shall go and thank the wizard. I ran off into the forest on the only trail that went out of town. A short while later I came across the camp that the wizard had set up for the night, but he was not there. He had probably gone down to the river to collect some water. I waited a little while, and heard him approaching up the hillside. I called out to him, so that I would not surprise him when he returned to his camp. He asked why I had followed him, and I replied that I had come to thank him for his wonderful gift of a healing elixir for the village. He replied: “Yuri, for the last time, I’m not a wizard, I’m a UN health and safety volunteer. And that wasn't a healing elixir. It was a strain of tetanospasmin I collected from your village doctor. You just poured tetanus into the village well. You gave your entire village tetanus.”
“And I couldn't have done it without your empowering gift of an elixir!” I replied, trying to cheer him up.
“You literally just killed your entire village Yuri,” the wizard replied.
“Kill them with kindness, that’s what me Mum always said!” I replied.
He wasn't amused.


Amayrani Franco said...

As frivolous as it may seem; I would like to be remembered in the world of dance. It's been my passion and first love since I was three years old and I just feel as though many trials and tribulations have stemmed from it ( I never quite looked like your average ballerina after all).

Nicole Purcell said...

I feel you, Amayrani. It's tough in dance when you're not of the average dancer build - but I'm sure you're spectacular! It doesn't seem frivolous to me in the least.

I hope I'll be remembered for my kindness and for jumping into all things feet first and with everything I've got.

Amayrani Franco said...

Nicole; it's been a tough ride but an incredibly rewarding one. Thank you for your words of kindness.

Ekta Garg said...

Very nice. Definitely made me smile. Great job!