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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Today's Writing Prompt: Party Animals

I just got back from a wonderful evening garden party.

At social events, where are you usually found? At the bar? Dancing by the band? Welcoming your friends? Behind a bush with a 'friend?' Or are you the kind to avoid the whole thing and stay home?


Amayrani Franco said...

I definitely tend to be more of a homebody; but when I do make an appearance at the party I will usually be with a small group of friends.

Carla Hurst-Chandler said...

Most comfortable with small dinner parties and 1:1...but enjoy the occasional (yearly or biannual) Gathering of Friends which can come close to 100 of us!

Ron. Lavalette said...

My poem, "Looking In", published almost a decade ago at The country Mouse (now defunct) online journal says it all:

Looking In

Fully banqueted,
the nicotine outcast
scavenges cigarettes poolside
while dregs of the party
sip Tanquerays with tonic
and linger over cheesecake.

Nothing is as blue as the pool.
The night, narcotic, welcoming,
lengthens; spreads itself out
behind a buttery August moon.

In the morning, huddled
over coffee, everyone is
blown dry by sunrise
and smells like almonds.

Carla Hurst-Chandler said...

Really nice!

Lillian Nedeau said...

I just hosted a large party. I am the person making sure every one is happy and comfortable. Food is perfect, everyone has drinks. I did not have much fun, I am not in any pictures. I did take pleasure in the fact that my guests had a great time but next time I get a caterer and a bartender...