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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Today's Writing Prompt: Accident

Describe the circumstances of an accident you've been in. Car, plane, boat, bike - any kind.


Amayrani Franco said...

My fiancée and I had just had a lovely day at the beach and were headed back to our apartment. Right as we were about to enter the gate; anther car stopped right in the middle of it and started reversing; she honked and tried backing up, but it happened far too quickly. The bed of his truck ended up on top of her hood; worst of all? Because he was driving his mother in law's truck, his insurance didn't even pay for the damage!!

Goddessofhome said...

As I quickly turned my K-car around to take a parking spot open on the opposite side of the road, my driver's side bumper smashed into a vehicle hiding in my blind spot.

Lillian Nedeau said...

This dates me...before car seats for kids were required, even before seatbelts were installed in cars I was stopped at a red light in down town Kalamazoo. A car rear ended my Super Sport pushing me into the intersection. I hit the dash. My 2 year old in the back was fine but gangs of young teens on the street scared me so much I just kept driving toward home. Very scary experience.